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Find the Support You Need for Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery will change your life. It’s a tool that gives you the power to succeed in losing weight. The surgery, however, is just the beginning. Unfortunately, it can’t magically transform you overnight. To lose weight, you’ll need support, determination and follow-up care.

For some, the journey to health is long and arduous. A key to permanent weight loss is asking for help when you need it. Everyone needs support from friends, family and healthcare professionals. Whether you’ve had surgery or are pursuing a nonsurgical approach to weight loss, help is all around you.

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Build Your Perfect Home Gym

Now that you’ve had weight loss surgery, it’s time to establish a regular fitness routine to keep the weight from creeping back on. Gym memberships can be expensive and many times they go unused because, after a long day at the office, spending some time on your couch seems more appealing than going to a crowded gym.

Having a home gym can be a great alternative. Here are some at-home exercises as well as some equipment that should prove helpful in building your perfect home gym.

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What are the Different Types of Body Fat?

Body fat has a negative connotation, but fat plays an important role in your body. In fact, it has a number of benefits for health. The first purpose of fat is to store extra calories in a safe way so you can mobilize that energy when you’re hungry. Second, fat releases hormones that help control metabolism.

There are several types of fat each with a different function. Let’s take a look.

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5 Tips to Tame the Midnight Munchies

Nighttime snacking: it happens to the best of us sometimes. Maybe you’re exhausted at the end of the day and turn to food to help you cope with your stress and fatigue. Or, maybe you just haven’t eaten enough during the day, and you find yourself trying to pack in some extra calories at night. Then, there’s the common scenario of kicking back on the couch, enjoying a Netflix and goodie binge.

Taco salads offer a colorful addition to your plate and your taste buds.

Step Up to the Plate With Main-Dish Salads

You’re a month or two out from your weight loss surgery. You’ve graduated from liquid and pureed foods. Now, it’s time return to “normal” eating. But that doesn’t mean going back to the way you ate before surgery. Whether you had gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or one of the other types of bariatric surgeries, you need to learn a new way of eating.

The dietitians at WeightWise are here to help you succeed with a post-bariatric diet. Besides their science-based advice, you’ll need a bunch of go-to recipes for healthy meals. After surgery, your reduced stomach size can handle only small portions. Each meal needs to be packed with nutrients. It’s a good idea if those meals are also fast to prepare. And, of course you’ll want them to taste good. Salads to the rescue!

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What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a word that you’ve probably seen around if you’re looking for information and ideas on how to lose weight effectively. Ketosis is a normal metabolic process that your body completes every day when it does not have enough glucose for energy. If it does not have enough carbs to burn for cells to create energy, it will start burning fat instead. This process creates ketones and can serve as a weight loss solution for some people.

Can Gratitude Help With Weight Loss?

Many people believe that feeling grateful improves emotional and physical health. Expressing appreciation for what you have rather than wallowing or grousing can certainly help one to feel happy.

Can gratitude help with weight loss

Being in a good mood or feeling content doesn’t automatically translate into weight loss, but it can boost mental and physical energy which can help if you’ve resolved to lose weight and improve your health.

Avoid Body Image Distortion After Weight Loss Surgery

What is body image distortion? Body image distortion has nothing to do with whether you’re overweight, at an ideal weight, young, old, male or female. “Double vision” as some people call it,  is when can’t see your beauty because all you notice are “imperfections.”

Avoid body image distortion

It can also mean that you see yourself differently from the way you actually are. For example, you might be slim, but you see yourself as heavy.

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