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Can Gratitude Help With Weight Loss?

Many people believe that feeling grateful improves emotional and physical health. Expressing appreciation for what you have rather than wallowing or grousing can certainly help one to feel happy.

Can gratitude help with weight loss

Being in a good mood or feeling content doesn’t automatically translate into weight loss, but it can boost mental and physical energy which can help if you’ve resolved to lose weight and improve your health.

Avoid Body Image Distortion After Weight Loss Surgery

What is body image distortion? Body image distortion has nothing to do with whether you’re overweight, at an ideal weight, young, old, male or female. “Double vision” as some people call it,  is when can’t see your beauty because all you notice are “imperfections.”

Avoid body image distortion

It can also mean that you see yourself differently from the way you actually are. For example, you might be slim, but you see yourself as heavy.

How to Shop for Clothes After Weight Loss Surgery

It’s been six months since your weight loss surgery. You’ve adjusted to the post-bariatric diet. You’re enjoying tasty high-protein, low carbohydrate foods and learning that small portions are satisfying.

Most days you’re fitting in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, reaping the benefits of working out regularly. After years of looking, you’ve discovered the formula for weight loss: bariatric surgery followed by lifestyle changes.

How to shop for clothing after weight loss surgery.

How to Choose Insurance for Weight Loss Surgery

Everyone needs health insurance. But how do you decide what type of plan to buy? If you’re preparing for weight loss surgery, you should know that not every insurance company covers the procedures.

Some companies pay for some types of weight loss surgery. Others offer limited or no benefits for bariatric surgery.

How to choose insurance for weight loss surgery.

At WeightWise, we’ll work with your insurance company to figure out what benefits you can expect. Learn more about paying for weight loss surgery by reading our financial FAQ page.

How to Care for a Cast Iron Pan

How to Care for a Cast Iron PanWe publish lots of tasty recipes on the WeightWise blog. Most of our recipes are easy to make. We strive to keep things simple, and you can make cooking even more enjoyable by using the right tools.

A cast iron pan in your toolkit gives you an advantage after weight loss surgery. A seasoned cast iron skillet is perfect for cooking meat, a crucial ingredient in a low-carbohydrate diet.

Cast iron pans were used every day by our grandparents. In recent times, however, these kitchen heavyweights have been replaced by nonstick cookware. But, there’s a renewed interest in cast iron. Some people don’t like the chemicals associated with nonstick coatings on cookware. Others want to recapture old ways of food preparation.

How Much Should You Exercise

If you’re looking to integrate exercise into your routine, you may be wondering what rules there are to follow regarding how much you should exercise. The amount of time you exercise each week depends on the following factors: if you want to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or just stay healthy.

How much should you exercise

How to Workout in 10 Minutes

how to workout in 10 minutes a dayYou’ve heard it before: exercise is a must after weight loss surgeryBut how can you find the time to workout for 30 minutes every day?

In the grand scheme of things, half an hour isn’t long. But when you tack that onto the end of a day, it can seem like a monumental effort. The flip side may be just as challenging: managing to get up early to exercise. 

How Obesity Worsens Arthritis

Carrying extra weight can be a vicious cycle. The pounds make exercise more difficult. Inactivity contributes to weight gain. If you’re overweight, this circular conundrum is probably all too familiar. Normal daily activity in addition to exercise can be painful if you have arthritic joints.

How obesity worsens arthritis.

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