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  • carrots and ranch Ranch Dip - It’s the little things in life that make the most difference, don’t you think? Like someone waving you into a long line of traffic or a stranger holding the door open for you or getting a real letter in the mail. While these things do not seem like much, they can definitely put a smile...
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  • IMG_4853 Chipotle Lime Shrimp - Do you have a busy schedule this week?  Stay on track with these quick and easy chipotle lime shrimp!  I like to keep a bag of frozen shrimp on hand for the days I’m too tired to cook, haven’t made it to the grocery store, or need something simple for a busy night.  Pair pre-cooked...
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  • Tofu Scramble Tofu Scramble - Let’s talk about breakfast. I love it! But unfortunately I find myself eating eggs a lot and I’m getting a little tired of them. I was trying to think of high protein breakfast foods that weren’t the same old cooked eggs. Tofu is perfect in this situation! Now, I know tofu is thought of as...
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How Obesity Worsens Arthritis

Carrying extra weight can be a vicious cycle. The pounds make exercise more difficult. Inactivity contributes to weight gain. If you’re overweight, this circular conundrum is probably all too familiar. Normal daily activity in addition to exercise can be painful if you have arthritic joints.

How obesity worsens arthritis.

Easy Tzatziki Sauce

Want to dip veggies in something other than hummus? Whip up this healthy version of tzatziki sauce, the Greek lemony-yogurt dressing. Greek yogurt provides generous protein, and cucumber adds a little extra veggie action! For an easy weeknight dinner, pour this sauce over steam-in-the-bag frozen veggies and chicken or fish.


Cauliflower Hummus

Looking for a lower-calorie, veggie-rific alternative to your usual hummus? This roasted cauliflower version delivers classic hummus flavor and rich, creamy texture—not to mention a bonus serving of non-starchy veggies! Cauliflower is bursting with vitamin C, a nutrient that helps your body heal from injuries and infections.



Sausage and Lentils

Adapting recipes from other sites is something we (the dietitians) do often around here. We make sure a recipe is not only high in protein and low in carbohydrates, but that it is also bariatric friendly. Plus, it has to taste good! I never post or send out recipes that I haven’t tried or tested in my kitchen. That was one of main inspirations for starting a blog as a component to our weight loss clinic in Oklahoma. Giving each of you resources and options for making healthy and delicious meals is one of the greatest parts of my job.
This recipe for Sausage and Lentils was adapted from Growing Up Gabel— I hope you enjoy this bariatric friendly version.

Sausage and Lentils

Ad-300×250 WeightWise

WeightWise Baritastic App

Ad-300x250 WeightWiseKeeping a food journal is not an easy task. It can make you feel vulnerable, excited, successful, or defeated. All of these emotions can be triggered by what you see on that screen and/or page. So why would anyone want to keep a food journal? Mainly because it is proven to be a behavior that helps people remain successful with long term weight loss. Keeping a food journal with the WeightWise Baritastic App is just one step in the program we have designed to help you reach your health and weight goals.

The WeightWise Baritastic App is a comprehensive app for bariatric surgery. It allows you to connect directly to our clinic and the providers here, but the app is not solely for food logging. The app contains many features that help you on your bariatric journey.

Features of the WeightWise Baritastic App:

  • Reminders.

    These reminders can be set for taking your vitamins daily, eating your meals on a regular basis, or drinking water. If you are busy or just forget certain aspects of your custom program at WeightWise, use these reminders to help you stay on point.

  • Exercise.

    Tracking your exercise can be an eye opener. We think we are more active than we actually are. Having this app connect to your “health” app on iPhone or other activity tracker will put everything in one place. Don’t have one of those fancy trackers? Enter in the activity and duration of the activity each time you do it therefore making you realize your activity level in a more realistic way

  • Timers.

    After bariatric surgery, timing is everything. Timing out your bites so you don’t eat too fast. Timing your fluid intake to start an hour after you finish eating. These timing issues matter a great deal for hunger control and long term weight loss. The WeightWise Baritastic app has all of these different timers included to make these new habits easier to grasp.

  • Seminar to surgery checklist.

    Are you working towards surgery with us? Don’t stress about the checklist, instead enter each of the items on your checklist (this is provided from your surgeon and is different for everyone) and the dates you have them scheduled. It will help keep you more organized and on task.

  • Food journal.

    One of my favorite parts of this app is the food journal. It is best to discuss your individual goals with your dietitian when you start tracking. In general, the “pie chart” on the food logging feature is the best to view. The general goal is to have 50% protein and <20% carb on the pie chart for weight loss. but again discuss custom goals with your dietitian. Here is a short video about how to log your foods if you are just getting started.

  • Patient journal.

    This journal is different than the food journal. This journal is about how you feel during the day. Logging about your hunger level, emotions/stress, and ability to meal prep is important to identifying your personal triggers with food.

Remember that weight loss has many working parts and WeightWise has designed a program that will help you with each part of that process. If you are ready to learn more about our program, click here to view or attend one of our free seminars.

WeightWise Blog Disclaimer

New Food Label Takes Bold Approach to Calories, Sugar

Squinting and calculating at food labels may soon be a thing of the past. The Food and Drug Administration recently rolled out a more user-friendly design for the nation’s food packages. The new look displays calories in a large, bold type. Serving sizes have been updated to match the way most people eat. In addition, the labels will make it easier for those who want to limit sugar in their diet.


Salmon Fajitas

Ahhh… fajitas! The sizzling entrée that catches everyone’s attention at any Mexican restaurant. It’s an entrée worthy of some attention with its bright colors and flavorful seasonings. Most of us have had chicken or steak fajitas…but what about salmon fajitas?! I love salmon and am always looking for new ways to prepare it for my meals. This delicious salmon fajitas recipe is a quick, healthy meal packed with incredible flavor that I think everyone will love! Salmon fajitas are the perfect weeknight meal because they can be ready in about 20 minutes start to finish. I used a combination of red, yellow, orange, and green peppers and also added in a sliced onion. Salmon fajitas are quite forgiving so you can add in toppings if you like! Shredded veggies such as carrots or cabbage, tomatoes, shredded cheese, guacamole or avocados all make amazing toppings!


Resolve to Get Healthy in 2017

We’ve all made past resolutions to lose weight and start exercising. We’ve all also had mixed results. Many good intentions quickly fall by the wayside, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you want to get healthy and stick with your resolutions, ask yourself this question: Do I want to make small changes or major ones?


Naked Egg Rolls

Dying for that Asian food fix? Trying to stay on track with your healthy eating? We have a fix for you! Often times it seems almost impossible to find something that is within your limits at Asian restaurants. Items are typically fried or are made with rice and noodles. What is a dinner without a fried egg roll, right? So to solve your problem and avoid the restaurant we have a solution for you. Well here it is, Naked Egg Rolls! Catchy Right? This is a simple side dish to pair with you favorite Asian inspired protein.

This dish will satisfy your cravings and not break the diet. By going naked and eliminating the ‘roll’ you are cutting carbs and fat. Follow these simple steps and within 30 minutes you’ll have your tasty Asian inspired side dish ready to eat!


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