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Dinner Meal Plan

meal plan image 2If you have heard it from me once or a million times- my story never changes. Having a meal plan is important. Period. It is one of the best things you can do to prevent slip ups. If you can’t do it at home, then no worries! I have you covered with a plan for dinner each night this week, including a grocery list. Enjoy!

Click the link below for the menu, then follow the link for each recipe.

Dinner Menu

Chicken Nachos

Fiesta Chicken Salad

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spinach, Chicken and Feta Salad

Taco Soup

Spinach Feta Meatloaf


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Dinner Menu

Time not on your side this week? Sometimes there just is not enough time, I get it. Between work, our baby, house chores, yard work, church activities, and small amounts of sleep- meal planning and grocery shopping is the straw that can break your back. When life gets in the way like this, I try to have a plan in my back pocket. I make up a weekly dinner menu or two  when I seems to have a few minutes, then reuse as needed. Weekly Meal Plans

When I make a dinner menu, I try to put recipes together that give variety but will also let me batch cook some things. For example, this dinner menu used sauerkraut/cabbage in a few recipes as well as ground beef. So you are buying less ingredients and able to cook a few things on one night.

 Another thing I make sure to do is to write out the groceries needed. That way I can send a list to the store with someone else or order groceries online to save time.

Click on the link for the dinner menu and grocery list. Follow each individual link for the recipes.

Dinner Menu

Baked BBQ Chicken

Cottage Cheese Slaw

Reuben in a Ramekin

Pork Roast and Sauerkraut

Mini Quiche

Cabbage Jambalaya

Buffalo Chicken Wrap 

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Healthy Grocery Shopping After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is just one step on the way to weight loss. After you leave the hospital and graduate from a liquid diet, you will have to negotiate the aisles at the supermarket. That may be something of a challenge. Unhealthy foods are practically everywhere you look.

Target Healthy Foods

Smartphone apps make healthy grocery shopping easier after weight loss surgery.

Many grocery stores have apps that help you organize your shopping.

There are ways to avoid temptation and zero-in on the nutritious foods you need. The dietitians at WeightWise will work with you to ensure you understand your nutrition plan. After surgery, your long-term food plan will consist of mainly lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables. Foods high in saturated fats, simple carbohydrates and sugar will be off your list for good.

Your diet will progress from liquid to soft protein to regular consistency foods in the weeks following surgery. Your dietitian will help you understand what you can eat after surgery.

Healthy Holiday Series

Healthy Holiday Series: Menu Planning

“You can be too prepared.” — No one ever. 

Stress accumulates. Patience runs thin. Tension mounts. And you end up yelling at the mall Santa Claus. There is no time like the holidays, right?! Now there are great things about the holidays too….cozy fires, ice skating, quality time with family, and remembering all of your blessings. But so often those great holiday memories are laden with the personal stress we place on ourselves to make the days perfect. 

Healthy Holiday Seasons

The more decisions you make during that time can make the stress build. Once you are at that point, nothing can help except the sweet relief of January 1st. But what if you don’t get to that point? What if this year, you plan now to stay relaxed later. Do your planning in stages…

– October: buy holiday decor, book travel, buy presents

– November: plan holiday menus, buy presents

– December: decorate home, wrap presents, grocery shop for planned menu

– January: bask in the glory of making it through the holidays with little to no interruption in your routine

Many of us have strong traditions tied to our holiday meals, but we already talked about how to alter some of those holiday traditions last month. This month, I want to focus our Healthy Holiday Series on menu planning.

When menu planning for the holidays, I find it helps to start with asking yourself some basic questions. 

1. How many people? Knowing how many people will be coming to you holiday meal helps you figure out portions and number of dishes to make.

2. Cooking skills? Are you a novice? Know the basics but don’t want to take on too much? I would advise against cooking above your skill level especially for a holiday meal. This is just asking for more stress and worry to pile on— look for recipes that you know will turn out well. 

3. Traditional or creative food? This is best answered if you know your audience. If you have friends that like exploring new foods, then research some non-traditional dishes. Otherwise, it might be best to stick with traditional favorites

4. Time devoted to cooking? If you would rather spend your time mingling and celebrating with friends and family, then choose recipes that do not require as much attention or time.

5. Special dietary needs? Does anyone in your group have a food allergy or sensitivity? Maybe they eat low carb (like you!). Whatever their needs, try to provide at least one or two dishes that each person can eat. 

Now that you have answered those questions, menu planning can commence….

hoiday menu planning

hoiday menu planning grocery list.jpg


As you collect recipes that fit within the questions you answered above, plug them into your Holiday Menu Guide and make your grocery list as you go. Use the search bar or select the holiday tab on our category menu to browse our “holiday” meals. Pinterest or Kraft recipes are other sites I enjoy browsing for new menu ideas. 

Happy menu planning! Lauren 

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Learn to Cook in 5 Easy Steps

cooking chop-2Now that you’ve embarked on your weight loss journey, you are probably learning how vital cooking nutritious meals for yourself and your family is to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

However, not everyone was raised in the kitchen. You may have never acquired the skills it takes to prepare a meal that is healthy as well as fun and simple to make!

First things first: put away all fear about cooking being complicated and stressful. Making your own food can be incredibly empowering and relaxing when approached with a sense of openness and creativity. Your meal does not have to be perfect. It does, however, need to include healthy ingredients, prepared properly using the right tools (yes, your kitchen runs on tools!).

Follow these beginner cooking tips to get you slicing, dicing, sauteeing, baking, and broiling your way to a slimmer you!

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