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How Much Should You Exercise

If you’re looking to integrate exercise into your routine, you may be wondering what rules there are to follow regarding how much you should exercise. The amount of time you exercise each week depends on the following factors: if you want to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or just stay healthy.

How much should you exercise

How to Workout in 10 Minutes

how to workout in 10 minutes a dayYou’ve heard it before: exercise is a must after weight loss surgeryBut how can you find the time to workout for 30 minutes every day?

In the grand scheme of things, half an hour isn’t long. But when you tack that onto the end of a day, it can seem like a monumental effort. The flip side may be just as challenging: managing to get up early to exercise. 

Online Exercise Videos

TIME.com stock photos

photo credit: TIME.com stock photos

Hello again! Christmas has come and gone and now it’s time to get back on track! With the weather being so unpredictable it’s hard to plan exercise outside. I have talked to several of you about online workouts if a gym is not convenient. There are so many websites out there that offer subscriptions and there are even more that off FREE exercise videos.

One of my personal favorites is “Walking away the pounds”. Leslie’s website has all of her videos on there. www.walkathome.com

So if you are looking for fun low impact exercise I would check her website out!

Another video series I really like is  “Sit and Be Fit”. I think a lot of the time we really think exercise needs to be hard in order to get results, but that is not true. Consistency is the biggest key! So whether or not you can run 10 miles or not we still have to be consistent in whatever we do. Do what you can today and we’ll worry about tomorrow later.

Another video series I would keep an eye out for is anything Denise Austin. She has a lot of different videos from dance cardio, strength to yoga.

So don’t think because you don’t have gym membership or a treadmill at home that all hope is lost! There are so many options for you. Just google low impact exercise and you’ll find so much stuff to do during this winter!

WeightWise Blog Disclaimer

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Surviving the holidays




One holiday down, one more to go! WE can do this guys! Thanksgiving may have been a little rough but each day is a new day! Get back on track! Each day try to find something to focus on, whether it’s getting your exercise in or your water in or just simply meal prepping. What ever it is focus on that and get back on track!

One thing my family really focuses on is getting our exercise in! When I got up this morning it was 30 outside! Sooooo I lost a LOT of motivation to go walk the dog but I plan to take her tonight when I get home when it’s a bit warmer, hopefully! I feel like the mornings are the best time to get in your exercise only because it’s the least distracting time of the day! Make commitments with friends/family to get out and exercise! Keep it fun!!

Here is a quick circuit you could do on those really cold & rainy days this weekend!

10 jumping jack

9 air squats

8 jumping jacks

7 mountain climbers

6 jumping jacks

5 push ups

4 jumping jacks

3 crunches

2 jumping jacks

1-30 second plank

stretch after or repeat




Halloween Candy= Jumping Jacks


google image

Halloween is approaching FAST!!! I myself hate Halloween! I am not about all the spooky houses or costumes! No no! I’m okay with children dressing up for fun and trick or treating, they are super adorable! However the scary, gory, bloody and haunting stuff that Halloween brings is NOT for me! So don’t try to scare me, I won’t like you very much 🙂 But the WORST thing about Halloween is the CANDY!

Oh my word, I walked into Target this weekend and the site of all of the candy made my mouth water! I have a huge sweet tooth and thankfully I was full from lunch and could walk away.

So I always like to put it into perspective as to how much working out I would have to do to burn off all the candy! Well, my go to website www.popsugar.com/fitness has done it again, this time with jumping jacks.

So next time you think you want that mini fun size snickers….you might check out how many jumping jacks you would have to do in order to burn just one of them off! I’m just going to say no thanks! 😉


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Pumpkin Workout

POPsugar Photography

POPsugar Photography

Good morning! It is finally October! The weather has not got the hint yet but it is fall! I love the fall colors, crisp mornings, leggings and sweaters! I love being able to get outside and exercise without the heat! Speaking of workouts. It’s a pumpkin workout!!!

I’m going to post a link to one of my favorite workouts by one of my favorite go to websites! I love the popsugar website! It always has a lot of great workouts that are short and I can fit them into my day! Check it out sometime!  You can email me for modifications!


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WeightWise Blog Disclaimer



How to Exercise Safely in Hot Weather

Daily exercise is critical to success after weight loss surgery. If you exercise outdoors, you need to know how to exercise safely in hot weather. Protect yourself against heat-related illnesses by avoiding working out in extreme heat, staying hydrated and wearing the right clothing.

It doesn’t take much to work up a sweat in the heat of summer. In Oklahoma, and pretty much anywhere in the southern U.S., exercise becomes more of a challenge when the mercury rises.

Many people head indoors to a comfortable air-conditioned gym, but not everyone wants to exercise indoors.

How Hot Weather Makes Exercise Harderexercise-in-heat

Heat adds to the difficulty of exercise. A workout requires more effort as temperatures increase. If you aren’t careful in heat, you may become ill.

When exercising in high temperatures, the body cools itself by sending blood to the skin. Less blood and oxygen is available to power muscles. Your heart rate increases as muscles work harder.

If the weather is both hot and humid, sweat won’t evaporate as quickly. This makes you even hotter. Here are some tips about how to exercise safely in hot weather.

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