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Obesity is Not About Willpower


Photo via The New York Times article

A recent article in The New York Times painted a dismal picture. The majority of Americans reported that obesity is a result of a lack of willpower. That one just needs to diet and exercise to lose weight successfully. However, a multitude of research proves that this is not the case.

Evidence has proven again and again that obesity is attributed to genetics and environmental factors. We also know that approximately 3-4% of people can lose over 100 pounds through diet and exercise and maintain that weight loss long term.

The only proven effective treatment for obesity is weight loss surgery combined with a good diet & exercise regimen.

Read the entire article from the New York Times here.

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Metabolic Surgery and Diabetes

Metabolic surgery, specifically Gastric Bypass surgery, is beneficial for diabetes treatment. Those with diabetes often have blood sugar levels drop within days of their procedure. In fact, metabolic surgery is now recognized as a standard treatment option for Type II diabetes (T2DM) by professional medical organizations worldwide.

Metabolic Surgery as Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Metabolic Adaptation and Weight Loss

Life after The Biggest Loser. This article highlights why is it so difficult to maintain weight loss for many people. Especially those who are taken out of their environment to lose weight instead of learning how to adapt their lifestyle for long term weight loss. At WeightWise we take a holistic approach to weight loss. Whether you are in our metabolic program or having a bariatric surgery, we emphasize the importance of individualized care and lifestyle changes to maintain long term weight loss.


surgical tools

Weight-loss Surgery Effects on Type 2 Diabetes

weight-loss surgery and diabetes

Have you been on the fence about weight-loss surgery and the benefits that can stem from it? A new study published last week on Medline Plus found that weight-loss surgery can be more effective for prolonged remission of diabetes… 

“In a small study of obese patients, weight-loss surgery was better at keeping type 2 diabetes at bay than diet and exercise alone, researchers report.

In fact, three years after weight-loss surgery, more than two-thirds of those who had a procedure called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass to shrink their stomach didn’t need any diabetes medications. And one-third of the people who chose a procedure called adjustable gastric banding no longer needed diabetes medications three years after surgery, the study found.”

Click here to see the complete study. 



Why Probiotics?


photo via– hbmag.com

Have you ever wondered why we recommend taking a daily probiotic? Well, it is important for your gut function. However, that is not the only reason to take probiotics. There is so much research and clinical studies occurring about the benefits of microbes or gastro-intestinal bacteria, which can be manipulated by taking certain probiotics. This is a nice article highlighting just a few of the reasons the dietitians here at WeightWise are advocates of the probiotic. Look for more and more research being published on this topic! 



Understanding Obesity video

 Understanding obesity. What does that mean? We hear so much about obesity in the media—and also from many people who know nothing about the disease. Yes, that’s right- I said disease. Obesity is not a lifestyle choice, it is a disease. It is not just a matter of eat less, move more. It is about finding the individualized treatment for each person to lead a healthier life.

Watch this video to understand obesity from a more biological view and why it is so hard to lose weight long term just by eating less and moving more.


understanding obesity

Time to Act on Obesity—video link


Bariatric surgery may save lives

Are you struggling with indecision about having a weight loss surgery? There are so many factors that contribute to that decision and being informed about each surgery is vitally important. This article published by Fox News provides some great insight for long term benefits from the Gastric Bypass surgery. Read more about the article below. 



In a small long-term study, obese patients who had gastric bypass surgery were half as likely to die as those who didn’t have the surgery, researchers found.

They saw little difference in death rates for the first two to three years, but 10 years after gastric bypass surgery, even diabetic patients had significantly better survival if they had the surgery.

“There’s really limited long-term follow-up data, especially comparing bariatric surgery to no surgery or the usual medical care,” Dr. Peter Hallowell, the study’s senior author, told Reuters Health.

“We’re hoping to fill that void with a study like this,” said Hallowell, a surgeon with the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville.

(continue reading the article at this link…)

Research Study

Exciting News!

We are continuing the work of updating patient data (current weight, stats and labs) for a research study to be published in refereed medical journals.

This survey does not have to be printed, faxed, or mailed as did our previous data collection survey. We only ask that you fill out the information on the link below, then click submit. The fancy computers will do the rest. 


Thank you in advance for your continued support!  We are excited to contribute to the body of science with this research study for bariatric surgeries and the benefits that stem from weight loss. 

Please spread the word, check out our website and “like” us on Facebook. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. Alexis Persico
Study Coordinator
WeightWise Bariatric Program
ph: (405) 715-7177
fax: (405) 844-3440

WeightWise Needs Your Help

WeightWise needs your help!

If you haven’t seen the WeightWise team since 2012 or before, this is for you!

 As some of you might know, Dr. Walton and Dr. Broussard along with the entire WeightWise Team are working to publish data and post operation outcomes from our patients. This is a very exciting opportunity for us to give the public quality information about bariatric surgery through highly regarded medical journals.

 This is where you come in…

 We need up-to-date information from you including current weight and labs in order to be published. Quality Medical Journals require large numbers of patient follow up to even be considered for publication. 

 By sharing your information (you will remain anonymous in the studies) and our study being published, we hope to achieve a few goals:

o   To reverse the negative stigma associated with weight-loss surgery

o   To inform and lobby policy makers for more ubiquitous insurance coverage for weight loss surgery

o   Show that our process and facility makes for excellent outcomes

o   Identify present problems and potential complications

o   Educate, Cheerlead, Accountability

Your participation is the only way we can move forward. Please let us hear from you!

Complete the form below and return via fax, email, or snail mail or call our office to make your follow up appointment! We look forward to hearing from your or seeing you soon.

Participant Study Form

Please return form to
Alexis – Study Coordinator/Project Manager
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