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Resolve to Get Healthy in 2017

We’ve all made past resolutions to lose weight and start exercising. We’ve all also had mixed results. Many good intentions quickly fall by the wayside, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you want to get healthy and stick with your resolutions, ask yourself this question: Do I want to make small changes or major ones?


Diary of a REBOOT

2016 is here. A new year bringing in new opportunities!2016 image

Now that you are setting those New Year’s resolutions, do you need to get your weight loss back on track? Did you know that WeightWise offers a REBOOT program? Want to know more? Stay tuned for the new REBOOT Blog series.

We want to introduce you to Amy and Mat. In late 2015 they both decided it was time to get back on track. (BEFORE the holidays!) They are so brave and were willing to share their REBOOT experience with their fellow patients – YOU!

Mat and Amy are both are about 7 years out from weight loss surgery. They both have been successful in their transformation journeys. But the fact is– even the most successful patients need to reassess where they are and how they are eating, especially if they see a regain in weight. 


AMY: I know if I was able to view a diary of WLS (weight loss surgery) patients who did the reboot and saw what to prepare for (mentally) and saw they were able to do it, I would be pumped.  Also, once you realize other patients still struggle then you don’t feel alone. 

MAT: There are hundreds I am sure that struggle with post op WLS regain and feel ashamed to come forward.  Amy and I both have 20 pounds we need to lose and we both need to get better control of our nutrition and get back to eating meat and veggies.

Through the next 2 weeks, we will hear from Amy and Mat. The good and the bad. Hope you follow along with the Diary of a REBOOT  and feel a little more prepared to get back on track with your journey. 

Note: Do not start the reboot diet without speaking to your dietitian first. 

WeightWise Blog Disclaimer


How to Make Yourself Actually Want to Work Out

Whether it’s because you dread going to the gym or just feel too exhausted at the end of the day, findings from a recent study may help you.

The study, led by Ph.D. Katherine L. Milkman at the University of Pennsylvania, introduces an innovative concept into not just field of behavioral economics, but into the field of weight loss and health as a whole.quote about temptation bundling

It’s called “temptation bundling.”

Temptation bundling refers to tying together two activities: one that you know you should do, and one that you usually want to do because you enjoy it so much.

The science shows that it works. And it can help you get into the gym and lose weight specifically.

The Importance of Proper Sleep

Sleeping beautyThere’s no doubt about it: human beings rely on sleep to refresh, recharge, and heal. However, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), at least 40 million Americans suffer from more than 70 different sleep disorders, and 60 percent of adults report having problems sleeping at least a few nights a week.

While most of these issues go undiagnosed and untreated, there is no doubt that individuals are deeply affected by a lack of rest. More than 40 percent of adults cop to experiencing daytime sleepiness at least a few days a week, if not more. This affects job performance, relationships, and even safety while driving.

How to Beat Your Cravings

Apple-Weight-LossBeating cravings for trigger foods that contain too much sugar, salt, and/ or fat can be tough. If you have recently undergone bariatric surgery or are getting ready to do so, you know how difficult it can be to pass over those foods that once consumed your world. However, in order to remain on a healthy path and avoid gaining back unwanted pounds, refusing to give in to cravings is essential.

Easier said than done, right? The following tips can help you step off the path that leads to Temptation Town.

1. Keep Track of Your Progress

If you’ve gone 7 days without added sugar, it’s less tempting to break the cycle. Keeping track of successes reminds you that you are someone who succeeds and can help you stay focused on your goals. Also, if you do cheat, having a record of your longest successful period without a trigger food can give you a milestone to beat the next time.

mindless eating

How to Avoid Mindless Snacking

Dear Brain: You are not hungry, you are ___________ (insert feeling here).

Mindless Snacking

Everyone has a food trigger. Is it stress? Maybe boredom? Habit? Or even happiness? Mindless snacking could be a small square of chocolate after a stressful day. It could be getting popcorn at a movie because you always have popcorn at the movies even if you just ate dinner. It can be small and something you feel is under control. But it can also feel overwhelming. 

The truth is mindless snacking effects all of us. But knowing when it is happening and what your common triggers are can mean the difference between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and spiraling into old unhealthy habits.

How do you identify food triggers? Keep a journal. Write down what you ate and why you ate it. Are you stressed (did Susie at work drop the ball on a deadline, again?!), happy (our friends are having a baby!!), or sad (could also be, our friends are having a baby…jk). Look back over your journal after a few weeks. You can notice a pattern of your eating and why you are eating. 

Now that you know what the triggers are, how do you avoid falling into the pit of snacking? Well that is what this post is all about! 

How to avoid mindless snacking: 

1. Do something physical/active: Getting up and moving is one of the best ways to get your mind off food. Plus you get the side benefit of endorphins, which can decrease appetite and improve mood. Things like walking, tennis, or dancing do not require much equipment to get started. Other activities like yoga, biking, and gardening help with relieving stress. 

2. Tease your brain: Redirecting your thoughts away from food and onto another activity will help replace food as your “go to” coping mechanism. Keep a crossword puzzle, sketch pad, or book on hand to keep your thoughts occupied. Also learning a new musical instrument or a new language will give you a new outlet, especially for those boredom triggers! 

3. Be social: Activities don’t have to be solo. Grab a group of friends for a board game night or a trip to the flea market. One of my new favorite activities is GeoCaching (who doesn’t love a world wide scavenger hunt?!) Learn more about geocaching here….https://www.geocaching.com/

4. Keep your hands busy: Busy hands have less time to grab snacks. Pick up a hobby like knitting, wood carving, or making jewelry to keep you away from those finger foods or TV time snacks. Other great hobbies are photography (photo editing) or making a scrapbook. 

Mindless eating will never go completely away, but you can control it with some effort and forethought. Good Luck! 


How to Beat Summer Snacking

For many people, the month of August means back to school.  For others, it still means long days, short nights, lake time, and a lot of fun at cookouts. Unfortunately, so many of these occasions involve food and drinks of many varieties. Whether it is the after school snack you are preparing for the kiddos, cookout crunchies, or lake treats…how do you beat summer snacking? Try using this one simple rule….



Here is the challenge: 

  • Eat only with utensils…fork, spoon, knife (or spork) . Absolutely no eating with your fingers. 
photo via

photo via

Think about it…when you are in these situations, are you really hungry? Or is it the social setting that is triggering you to eat? Here are a few ways that eating with only utensils will help prevent that mindless snacking…

  1. No more grabbing treats from the candy bowl on Lucy’s desk (or whoever has the candy bowl in your office). Unless you carry a spoon in your pocket, this will help you avoid the grazing that happens at work. 
  2. Have you ever had chips with a fork? Me either. Those salty, crunchy snacks will be much harder to incorporate with this “no eating without utensils” rule. 
  3. Unless you are in an episode of Seinfeld, eating a candy bar or cookie with a knife and fork is pretty unheard of. So pass on those sweets at your next barbecue, and opt for a more friendly dessert like fruit salad or sugar free jello. 

Snacks can really start to get the best of you this time of year. But give this challenge a try during the month of August…you might be surprised at how much it helps reduce the amount of “snack” foods you eat. ~Lauren A. 

Introducing Phase 2 of Our Facebook Giveaway!

metabolic-testingHey, All! Welcome to Phase 2 of our first-ever Facebook giveaway!! We hope you enjoyed the first half. BIG congrats to our winner, Ruth Gragert Walton!

This second phase is perfect for summer, the easiest time of year to get started on your weight loss efforts (hello, amazing weather!). In honor of Independence Day, we’re declaring July the month of independence from excuses, and this next prize is sure to help!

We’re giving away metabolic testing at WeightWise headquarters, both RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) & VO2 testing. Never heard of it? Metabolic testing is used to determine the amount of calories your body needs to function, as well as the type of fuel your body uses at rest (fat or carbohydrate). This is incredibly useful if you’re establishing a personalized diet and exercise plan but are unsure what your body needs to perform effectively, and how much.

But that’s not all. The testing is also used to determine the type of fuel used during physical activity, which includes the highest intensity at which fat remains the dominant fuel source during activity. All of this information can provide the basis for a fitness regimen that truly serves you and your weight loss goals.

Enter to win this $150 value, below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’ll announce a winner on August 1! Good Luck!

conscious breathing

Conscious Breathing

Do you give yourself time to breathe? I hear so often complaints of high-stress, no free time, and low energy days. So I asked our resident yogi here at WeightWise what people can do ANYWHERE. No special equipment required. Here is what Alexis Persico said…

These days we all live at such a crazy fast and stress-filled pace, we need an energy boost and also some calm anywhere we can grab it.  With caffeine and sugar as not good health options, and therapy and medication as not always ideal you might think you are stuck. But did you know you there is a quick, healthy, do anywhere and FREE way to revive your mind and body in times of need?  Yes, indeed- CONSCIOUS BREATHING.

Breathing is essential to living. (Obviously.)  It is something we all already do. (Again obviously.) However, we may have never really explored conscious breathing. Conscious breathing is the ancient practice of taking control of your breath- bringing more oxygen into your body.  This will result in revitalizing your energy and refocusing your mind. 

To get started, breathe deeply. 

  • On the in-breath take it in through your nose slowly and evenly, guiding the air through the abdomen.  (Your stomach should expand.) 
  • On the out-breath take it out your nose at the same pace as you brought it in. (Your stomach should contract.) 
  • Repeat as desired.   That’s it!

It is normal to feel a little light headed or perhaps a bit warm.  If you need a cool down take a few exhales out of your mouth.  To take the process a bit further consider closing your eyes.  If in a chair plant both feet firmly on the ground, and rest your hands open in your lap.  You could even add in a bit of mindfulness.  Counting the seconds on the inhale and counting the seconds on the exhale.  You could add words.  For example, on the inhale:  “I am”.    On the exhale:  “Calm”. Any words work. 

It might not sound like much but it truly works.  This super easy exercise will revitalize you when you feel sleepy, lethargic, unfocused or stressed to the max.  It simply clears the lungs and realigns your mindful self. 

Happy Breathing! ~Alexis 

If you are interested in taking one of Alexis’ classes, you can find her at: 

This Land Yoga – (http://www.thislandyoga.com/) or

The Myriad Botanical Gardens https://www.facebook.com/events/278918718938071/

Should I Keep My “Fat Clothes”

big-pantsWhile it may seem like a shallow issue, deciding whether or not to keep your ‘fat clothes’ as you lose weight is a question most individuals have asked at one point or another. Those who have undergone weight loss surgery and stand to lose 100 or more pounds during the course of their program may find this question particularly relevant.

The truth is, there are pros and cons to keeping clothing from heavier times in your life, and only you can decide what feels conducive to your journey and what is better left in the past. Like any cautionary tale, oversized clothing is only as valuable as the motivation you gain from its story. With this in mind, consider the following reasons to keep – or to give away – your “fat clothes.”

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