Are you intimidated by big gyms? Well you are not the only one! Many people do not like the atmosphere of a big fitness center.  It can be very intimidating. I even feel intimidated at times! So instead of joining a big fitness center many people are starting to look outside the box when it comes to fitness. In any given town you’ll notice little studios popping up. Crossfit, spin, barre, yoga etc, and they are packed! People want to be able to come for an hour get their workout done and then leave. Group fitness has really become more popular in the past few years. I feel like group fitness really forms a community within the class. You all started together and you all made it through the class together! In any given class I can see and work with all different types of people and fitness levels. It gets you away from the expensive personal training and into something that a lot of people love. Loving exercise is the big key! I would encouraged each of you to find something you each love.

Some of the biggest fitness trends this year has been the activity counters, whether it is fitbit, myfitnesspal, garmin etc. All of these are great tools to watch and log your activity. Getting to the gym is just one step in the equation, but for many people who don’t want to be in a fitness center, these tools are proving to be really valuable.  I see more and more of my clients wearing them! They even get into competition with friends and family over how much activity they got in that day! Fitness becomes fun! 

Other trends you see and read about on the internet are HIIT classes. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training.  It is generally a shorter workout but it is defiantly high intensity. You will be so hungry after words. In our program we don’t generally agree that higher intensity will get you the best results. We go with the saying, “exercise smarter, not harder”. Just in my experience working out at lower intensities more consistently you will see better long-term results.  Plus, you won’t be starving after a workout! 🙂 


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