The WW Green Initiative…  Mindfulness toward greener choices.  At WW we are subscribing to the movement to become a bit more green!

1·      No more printed bi-weekly paystubs- This small change is saving us (WW) in a bi-weekly delivery fee and loads of wasted paper.
2·      We are ditching Styrofoam and plastic ware around the office.  Our break-room now has ceramic dishware and stainless cutlery.  We now have recycled biodegradable cups at our coffee stations in the office and are encouraging our staff and patients to get in those fluids with more earth friendly insulated tumblers and travel coffee mugs.  

3·      We are “Up” and “Re” cycling more around the clinic. Patient information has always been shredded and recycled.  Now we are recycling more! Magazines, pamphlets, brochures, etc., Also, we have up-cycled scrap paper into grocery list note pads. 

There are several more projects in the pipeline and as they are implemented we will share!  What are you doing to live greener?