We all know we should stay hydrated. After weight loss surgery, it’s more important than ever to drink enough. You’ll likely need to drink between meals. Your stomach pouch is very small, and it can be a challenge to consume fluids with meals.

Water is the ideal drink, but not everyone likes the flavor. To be honest, sometimes water just gets boring. If you need to drink more water but want to make it a little bit more enjoyable, here are some ways to make water taste better.

1. Add fresh fruit

Add lemons, limes, oranges or other fresh fruit into your water to make it a little more interesting. For an extra twist of freshness, add mint. The dietitians at WeightWise have posted some of their favorite fruit-infused water recipes.  Fruit is not only great for you because it’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but it will give your taste buds a little bit of a treat. Remember, fruit intake should be strictly limited post-bariatric surgery, so do not eat the fruit that is infusing your water.

Detox fruit infused flavored water.

2. Drink more decaf

Decaf tea and coffee are great ways to stay hydrated. Herbal, fruit, green, and red teas are great tasting and come in non-caffeinated varieties. There are hundreds of different tea and coffee flavors out there on the market today, so whatever your flavor preference, you’re sure to find one that you’ll like. There are teas available from around the world in traditional or exotic flavors, so instead of reaching for a bottle of water or a cup of coffee, drink a cup of decaf tea or coffee.

3. Add more broth to your diet

If you love savory foods, start introducing more low-sodium broth into your diet. Not only will it warm you up on a cold day, but it will help you with keeping your fluid intake up, too.

4. Add flavor boosters

There are a variety of sugar-free drink mixes and individual flavor cartridges out there now that can be added to water that can transform your boring glass of water into something more satisfying. Make sure you are looking at the calorie and caffeine content of the flavor boosters. Each packet should be less than 15 calories and non-caffeinated to count toward your hydrating fluid goal.

The dietitians at WeightWise are here to help you succeed with a post-bariatric diet. Give our medical professionals a call and see how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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