Did you over indulge over the holidays? Get out of your routine? Now, how to do you break all of the bad habits again? 

I feel like December really tests my strength and will power with food! All of the holiday parties, goodies being brought to work and a lot less time in the gym.  But its January, can’t dwell on it any longer! It happened, let’s move forward! I always try to remember some quotes from Disney’s The Lion King.

lion king



So where do we start? I always set an intention for the day when I get up. Maybe it’s find some time just for me today, or make it to the gym or push myself more than usual.  Or some days I just make it as simple as, be happy today! Sometimes just changing our outlook makes a huge difference. Whatever it is do it for you! You matter! You are your best motivation but you can also be your worst critic. Tell that negative part to be quite, sit down and go get back on track because you can do this! 🙂 

Start by getting in some exercise. The hardest part is getting started! After you start, each day gets easier and easier. It’s 30 minutes 5 times a week, I think I’ve read that 30 minutes is just 2% of your day! You can do that! 🙂 

Drink plenty of water.

Take your vitamins.

Plan out your meals! The more you plan the more likely you are to stick to it! 

Remember, it’s not about “having time” it’s about MAKING time. You can do this! Take it one day at a time! Little changes make a big change over time! Hang in there! YOU can do this! 

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