Another month has come and gone, and now it’s time for April showers! The month of April is dedicated to the abs, so we will look at the anatomy of the core, and later on we will look at some exercises to strengthen our midsections and help us tighten our tummies!

Muscles of the Core:

Rectus Abdominis

This muscle group includes the upper, middle, and lower abdominals. The purpose of this muscle group is to flex the trunk, provide trunk stabilization, and to assist in breathing.




The oblique muscles are located at your sides. A common issue people tend to have with their core is “love handles”; strengthening these muscles will help eliminate this problem area. The oblique muscles help us to rotate and side bend our torsos and they also work as a spine stabilizer.



Erector Spinae       

This muscle is located in your back. It helps us to stand upright and have good posture. Remember, a strong core is not only attributed to your abs, but also to your sides and back!



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