It’s back to the grind! I think everyone needs some sort of structure in life. Whether  it is meal times, bed times, or exercise times. Having a routine can make things much easier to remember. In August, kids and teachers will report back to a routine. Some of them may be super excited while others are dreading the change. Many kids are not use to being back in a desk 6-8 hours a day and many teachers suffer in some of the same ways. We all generally wake up feeling refreshed and all to soon we fall into a slump of the work/school day and we are tired after our day and the motivation to exercise is just not there. I hit this place several times a week! It’s hard but we have to push through. How do we keep on track  after we go back to school? 

Pack up your lunches the night before

Lay out your clothes or have an idea what you are wanting to wear

Schedule  your exercise ( Get the kids taken care of, change your clothes and get moving)

Stick to a routine as much as possible

Sometimes you just have to sacrifice sleep to get it in, remember it’s just 30 minutes, you can do this. Believe me, I don’t want to wake up at 5 to workout, but some days it’s the only option.

Walk during your kids practices, they are exercising, you can too. 

Maybe it’s time to invest in some equipment/videos for the house

Have an accountability buddy! 

My theory is, YOU make time for the things that are important to you, hopefully your health is one of them. It only takes 30 minutes a day, do not think of it as having time but making time. 

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