Back to School Bus full of kids

Are you even more crunched for time now that you or the kids are back in school? Don’t start using the “I don’t have time for exercise”, speech just yet! Summer can be so hectic with kids out of school and summer vacations and not to mention this Oklahoma heat! Plus most of us get out of the habit with exercise. There are things you can do to help keep up with your exercise!

First of all,  you make time for the things you want to make time for! So if you LOVE zumba class I have a feeling you’ll make it to zumba class, maybe not as often but you’ll get there. If you love grabbing dinner with friends you make time for it! Love yourself and continue to make time for yourself! You are important too! Your health is important. If the kids are in an after school program, get 20 minutes in at the office before picking them up. You’ll be a little more at ease and you’ll maybe be a little less stressed out!

Take walks with the kids after dinner and homework. Make it a family event. Instead of watching television at night, go get in that walk and then watch it. I totally get needing some tv time in your life but first thing first, and that is your health. If I can’t make it to the gym, I just get on pinterest and look up a quick 15 minute workout, do it and move on with life. I feel better afterwards and I know that helps to shape my day!

Put exercise in your schedule! Every Sunday my husband and I sit down and discuss dinners, activities throughout the week. It helps a whole lot to have exercise & meals scheduled.We have back to school nights, meet the teacher nights, football season but I’m sure there are a few nights or mornings that you can fit it in! You just have to look! 🙂 Weekends are always great as well!

Maybe a quick morning yoga session will set the tone for the day! I have referred several people to the “walking away the pounds” video collection. It’s pretty quick, you don’t need equipment and it’s something you can do while the kids are finishing up homework or are still in bed in the morning!  If your kiddos have sports at night, instead of just watching, get up and take a few laps around the field. You are still in range and can see what is going on but you can get your exercise in during that time as well.

Whatever you choose, choose it for you! You’ll never regret a workout! It only makes your stronger and the next one easier!

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