If you have lived with extra weight on your body, you probably know what it is like to experience side effects from the excess pounds. It is well known that morbid obesity increases the risk of several types of cancer. However, recent studies have shown that having bariatric surgery could help reduce the risk of cancer development.

A 2018 study published in the British Journal of Surgery reported that patients that had weight loss surgery had a 77% decreased risk of developing hormone-related cancer. This includes obesity-related cancers such as prostate, breast, or endometrial cancer when compared to patients that did not have the surgery. Gastric bypass was indicated as the largest risk reduction.

While there is more research required to fully understand the biological components behind these findings, these numbers are very positive. The research shows that obesity surgery reduces cancer and helps bolster the health and wellbeing of each patient that undergoes this life-changing surgery.

In addition to a decreased risk of cancer development, there are a variety of other significant health benefits that come with sustained weight loss by undergoing bariatric surgery. These can include improved cardiovascular health, decreased joint pain, improved fertility, remission of type two diabetes, reduction in sleep apnea, and much more!

Cancer is prevalent today and it can be easy to worry about your risk of developing it. If you have excess weight and traditional methods of weight loss have not been successful, you may feel frustrated and nervous about your increased cancer risk.

Weight loss surgery could be an option for you. Ready to talk to one of our doctors to see if you are a candidate for this surgery? Our experienced team at Weight Wise can answer your questions and determine if you are eligible. Your health is our priority and we are committed to working with you on your journey to a healthier, active life! We look forward to talking to you about how we can help.

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