It’s getting a little chilly out there!!! It’s that time of year again when we start to hibernate inside.  It’s dark at 5:30 p.m. now and it’s getting cooler out! So how do we keep up our exercise if we still want to be outside? Well for starters we need to bundle up but in the right gear!  

Things you need:

Dry fit technology clothing! You will sweat even if it is -20 outside! Which, I don’t know about you but if it’s -20 I’m staying inside, I’ll find a video to do inside.

Base layer, tights or long under wear, make sure they hug your body so no extra air gets in there…….generally one pair of pants are good for people but if you find that you are really cold all the time two might be better for you. 

Insulating layer, such as wool or fleece, I personally like wearing a vest because I can unzip it a little if I get to hot. But I would definitely recommend an insulating component to dressing warm.

Windproof and or water-resistant jacket with a hood. Sometimes it is not only cold but that wind is horrible, so having a jacket that will block out some of the wind is GOLD! 

Hats, ear muffs and gloves! I can’t stress this enough! It will help keep you warm. I always feel so much better if my hands and ears are covered. 

Don’t forget if you are out when it is dark, make sure you have either a flashlight or something reflective on yourself or your pet! We make sure our dog has a light on her collar because she has black fur and very furry so her fur covers her reflective harness. Safety first! 🙂 

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