Whether it is with your significant other or your best friend, working out with someone can be a lot of fun! It’s a buddy system! When my husband and I first got married I did not want to workout together. I had always done my own thing. There are only a hand full of friends that I have worked out with.  But I quickly changed my mind! I all of a sudden didn’t like going by myself to the gym, especially if it was an early morning workout and my husband was still warm in bed and I was getting up at 5 a.m. So we started getting up and going to workout together. It has helped so much to do it at the same time, we may not always do the same exercise but at least we are there together. We even get up Saturday and meet with a trainer and we push each other. I think accountability is crazy important. 

So how do you implement this into a routine? Find some common ground. Maybe you all agree to get up early or go after work. Whatever you decide it needs to be a commitment. Nothing makes me more mad than having a plan and then someone flaking!

You could start by walking and talking together for 10 minutes and then move on to weights or you can just do cardio the whole time. Totally up to you and your goals. I use to meet a friend at the gym at 5:30 a.m. and we would just walk and talk for our 45 minute workout. It helped pass the time and it made me get out of bed because I didn’t want her to be at the gym alone! 

Here are a few workouts you could do with a partner.

Medicine Ball Twists: Stand with your backs to each other. You’ll want some space to twist. Take the medicine ball and pass it to each other. Do 12 passes for each person. This exercise will target your abdominal muscles.

partner med ball








High-Five Push up: You will face each other. You can modify the push-up to your knees or even a counter top, if that is more comfortable.



The idea is that you will perform your push-up and when you come up you’ll high-five and drop back for another push-up.


Switch machines. If someone is doing leg press than another could be doing standing lunges and then switch.

Take a class together. It’s less intimidating if you take a class with a friend.

For more ideas on partner workouts you can check out our Pinterest Board @WeightWise Bariatric Program, exercise tips!! 

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