Cryotherapy is “cold treatment.” It exposes your body to temperatures that are colder than minus 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposure lasts for up to four minutes. It has been known to help treat different health conditions for the last few decades.

But recently, there have been statements made about it helping with weight loss. What are the benefits and risks of cryotherapy? And does it work?

Not necessarily.

About Cryotherapy

Many people claim that cryotherapy has helped accelerate the weight loss process. When undergoing whole body cryotherapy, your body is exposed to the brutal cold. This is supposed to kick your metabolic rate into high gear. This helps burn calories. However, even though there is an increased metabolic rate, there haven’t been many confirmations of long-term weight loss that has lasted.

There are some benefits to localized cryotherapy. These include helping soothe sore muscles after a workout and helping speed up recovery from physical training. But whole-body cryotherapy can also disturb other health conditions such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

Not to mention, the FDA has not approved cryotherapy for any medical treatment. So, before you enter the ice-cold chamber for a cryotherapy session, be sure to talk to your doctor and medical team first.

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