NO!!!!! I hear this almost every day! So I’m going to help set some exercise myths straight. Muscle does not weigh more than fat! A pound of fat is the same as a pound of muscle. A pound is a pound is a pound is a pound. You could have 50 pounds of feathers and 50 pounds of iron and guess what, they will still weigh 50 pounds!

Here’s the deal,  fat takes up more space than muscle does. So when you lift weights you may see some inches change but if you increase by a pound of muscle and decrease your weight by a pound of fat, guess what, you’ll weigh the same but you may lose a size.

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This is 5lbs of muscle & 5lbs of fat

Something else I hear a lot, ” Fat converts to muscle if you lift weights” FALSE! Listen, fat is fat and muscle is muscle. It’s really that simple. You either lose body fat or gain body fat or you gain muscle or lose muscle. They are entirely different.

So ladies, I have to break the myth of bulking up. You won’t bulk up from lifting weights! I promise you! Unless you just have the testosterone of a man it is HIGHLY unlikely for you to “bulk up”. Lifting weights can be kind of frustrating because we feel pretty good after a good session but after a few weeks of lifting you feel like your clothing is tighter. Well chances are you aren’t balancing weights and cardio. You have to torch fat and build muscle at the same time to get that long lean look otherwise your body doesn’t burn that much fat from just lifting weights.


Will lifting weights help firm up loose skin? No, unfortunately. Skin elasticity is different per person. For those of you that are younger and maybe you haven’t been over weight that long, you may not see as much loose skin as someone who has been over weight for 10+ years or is older. Age plays a major role in skin elasticity as well. I know some pretty fit 70-80 year old and guess what, they has loose skin. Unfortunately unless you can afford  plastic surgery it’s one of those things you’ll carry with you. Think of it as a battle scare! 🙂 You’ve come so far! Be patient and embrace the new changes and new found energy I bet you have!

Would weights and cardio help to tighten loose skin. I have two answers for this. If you have weight loss surgery and loss weight quickly, probably not, but if you lose weight on your own, you’ll have a little success for a little bit. But here is the deal, the more we workout the more energy we are going to need to continue that work out and for weight loss patients that can mean you’ll feel more hungry and then have the urge to snack. Now this doesn’t happen to everyone but for a lot of people it does. I have not had weight loss surgery but when I work out harder I usually end up hungry and then my first thought is, “I worked out so it’s okay if I have this”.  A good rule to follow is you can not out work a bad diet. Those sweet treats after a workout are not worth it. The harder you work out the more weight loss platues you could run into. You may also notice you are more hungry.

Hang in there, it’s a journey! It took time to put weight on and it will take time to take weight back off! You can do it! Be kind to yourself! 🙂

I hope I helped to clear up some of these exercise myths. If you ever have questions please let me know!!

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