It is finally starting to feel like summer time.  We can finally break out the flip flops and shorts! Yikes, shorts!!! I always feel a little self conscious  to wear short and have legs that have not seen sun in 9 months!!  However, at some point it happens! 🙂  May is skin cancer awareness month!  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. There are several different types:

Basal & Squamous Cell


Merkel Cell

Lymphoma of the Skin

Kaposi Sarcoma 

Many of these are caused from to much exposure to the sun or tanning beds because of the UV rays. There is no such thing as safe sun! I use to tell myself that tanning beds were safe, but it never failed I always got “sun burnt” or bulb burnt  as my friends and I called it. Now that we are in our 30’s, my girlfriends and I have sunscreen on hand and wear it daily as well as wide brim hats. It make not be the cutest look but I know I’m saving myself the possibility of cancer, sunburns, eye damage and premature wrinkles!  Just as you have taken the steps to control your weight take the steps to eliminate sun damage.  So how do we protect ourselves? I found this great article, you should check it out!

Be safe this summer and wear sunscreen! 🙂





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