Hey guys, Colby here  and this is the best time of year for sports fans! Football has started, its playoff baseball season, and the NBA season is starting up!  I grew up playing baseball and basketball, and I really miss playing them.  Playing sports is a great way to stay in shape and do  something that you love. From going out and playing with your family to competitive adult leagues, there are a lot of options for you to get back to playing your favorite sports again.  Living in Edmond you can find a lot of options.  There are adult softball leagues, indoor soccer leagues, and several churches and gyms that will have basketball leagues starting up soon.  So if you are wanting a change with your exercise routine and you enjoy sports, get out there and start playing again!  The following are some websites to check out if you are interested.

Adult basketball- (405) 755-1975

Outdoor Volleyball- (405) 250-1269

Soccer City Indoor Soccer


Phone Number: (405) 748-3888

Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation


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