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Earthquakes seem to be the topic of conversations this week. Hope everyone made it out fine with no damage to your home. I personally only felt one but it was enough to make me hold onto the couch. So this week I wanted to discuss some exercises to help you all with balance. The older we get we tend to forget the importance of balance.  It is important to practice balancing exercises to help improve coordination and decrease our risk of injury.

Now you do not need a gym or a lot of equipment to help improve your balance. You can do very simple things throughout your day. An example would be trying to stand on one leg at a time for longer than 10 seconds.  If you have a stability ball try just sitting on it. Once we start to strengthen our core and lower back muscles your balance will improve a great deal. If you would like to get some more individualized plans to improve your balance please make an appointment to see the exercise physiologist at WeightWise.

You may also check out this link for more ideas on balance exercises.