Hey everyone!!! It is finally March!!! Goodbye winter, hello spring time! I’m sure many of you have been out and enjoying this warmer weather lately! I know we have! When the weather turns I feel like you just get happier and you want to be out in the sunshine more!


So I felt like March was a great time for an exercise challenge! For me personally I’m challenging myself to do 10 minutes a day with Pilates. My friend Julie introduced me to this website that has a 30 day challenge, but only 10 minutes a day! How wonderful is that! And the best part is I know Julie will be doing it with me! We are committed to sending pictures/videos of us completing every day! So my person goal is to walk 10,000 steps daily and add in my 10 minute video!! What will your challenge be? 

Here are some great things you could try:

Walk 30 minutes daily

Stretch daily

Ride a bike daily

Sign up for a 5k this spring

Drink all of your fluid every day 

Walk 1 mile every day

Get to a new group class you’ve been wanting to try

Let’s keep each other accountable and post or tag us on our instagram @weightwise. Facebook or twitter all accounts are WeightWise Bariatric Program

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