How many of you find yourself spending a lot of your time in the spring and summer doing this?



One of the main excuses for not exercising that we hear in the spring and summer is “My kids have baseball/softball/soccer practices and games and I just don’t have time.” Just like with your diet, planning is very important to having a successful workout routine. Whether you are coaching them or you’re watching, you can definitely find the time to exercise in a time crunch. Now, I don’t have kids so I know some of y’all might be thinking “He just doesn’t get it yet”, but I played baseball every spring and summer from T-Ball through high school, so I do know how crazy it can be. For most parents, if you’re really honest about it, you do more sitting than anything else. There are several ways that you can get your exercise in while the games or practices are going on. Most of the time your kids have to be at the games 30 minutes to an hour early to get warmed up before the game starts.  Instead of trying to beat the other parents to get the closest seat, go put your stuff down and go walk! You could try to start a walking group with some of the other parents and before every game or during every practice y’all go walk for 30 minutes. The good thing with baseball and softball is the fences are typically chain-link so during the games you can go walk around the field and still not miss your kids playing. So if you already know some of the parents that will be on your kid’s team talk to them ahead of time and see who might be interested!

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