Dang, do any of you feel sluggish today? I sure do and I know why! Holiday weekends generally encourage poor eating and lack of exercise! We, my hubby & I,  would usually go to the gym Saturday morning and Monday morning but Saturday we decided to sleep in (because it’s a holiday weekend) and Monday they were closed! We did walk Monday with the dog because the rain had stopped but it wasn’t near the activity we should have got for the weekend and definitely not with all the poor food choices we were making! We ate out at least once a day, even though we made it to the grocery store and bought healthier options. So today I feel extra awful and my “wanting” to exercise is on an extreme low right now! My body just doesn’t feel right and I know it’s because I didn’t exercise like I usually do and I ate horribly all weekend! I’m not even sure how Wheat Thins got in my pantry but they did! Is anyone else at this point?

So what do we do about it? Don’t let this feeling of exhaustion keep going! Here is a little fact, we aren’t exhausted we just feel this way because we haven’t been active. True story! Let’s just start back with even 20 minutes 3-5 times a week. You won’t regret it! I scheduled a barre class tonight to help me! 🙂 Do I want to go, ehh not really but will I, YES! Make yourself do something tonight! You will feel better and you will have more energy! Waking up tomorrow feeling refreshed! Don’t forget to get your water in! 🙂 

How many of you drank all your water this weekend? I sure didn’t! So there is another reason I feel tired, I’m probably dehydrated a little, so my goal today is to get 96 ounces of fluid in! 


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