It is time to say good bye to another year!! I love the start of a new year! It just feels like a fresh start! Holidays are  over and most importantly holiday eating is over with!! It is time to refocus on ourselves! Take some time to sit down and set some goals for 2014! 

So what are some of your new years resolutions? 

Is it going to be a 5k?

Joining a gym?

Tracking 10,000 steps daily? 

Eating clean? 

Test or Retest your RMR/VO2? 

I feel like we are all motivated at the beginning of the year and we hit it hard starting January 1st, but let’s be realistic! If you don’t currently exercise, don’t expect to be able to go to the gym  2 hours 6 days a week, you’ll end up extremely sore, probably pretty hungry and wanting to quit after about 3 weeks of it. So let’s start with  3-4 times a week 30 minutes, just get it back into a habit. You will get better rest and you will have more energy throughout your day! Not to mention you’ll be feeling and looking  pretty good by the time summer  hits! 🙂

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