It is that time of year again!!! The holidays are here!!! So what are some great gift ideas for the exercise people in your life? 

First off, we want to stay hydrated! Even though it is not 100 outside we still want to get 96 ounces of water in daily. I would suggest a S’well water bottle or camelbak. Both can stay cool and not sweat! Which I love! Plus they both have lids and if you are at the gym, you won’t have to worry about spilling it. 

Fitness Trackers are totally in right now and helping people stay more active all the time! There are so many to choose from, Fit Bit, Garmin, Jawbone, Tom Tom Spark…..just to name a few. Some will just count steps while others will track sleep patterns, activity and some even track heart rate! It’s a fun tool to have to see how much activity you are getting in. 

For those sweaty people out there, an eQua Hand Towel is awesome! I use mine all the time during classes! It helps wick away sweat and keep me dry! 

I think every person should invest into a Foam Roller! These are simply magical! Seriously! It’s like getting a massage all the time, and why not you deserve it! 🙂 I use my foam roller at least twice a week and more after a really hard workout. Helps keep you from being so sore and breaks down adhesion in the muscle.  At first it can be a little uncomfortable but stick with it and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel! 

Hand weights! I love having a small set of hand weights, that way if I am watching tv or I want to do an exercise dvd I can! I use some 3lb weights at home. They don’t take up much space and I can use them all the time! For example, last Saturday my yoga class was cancelled because of the freezing rain 🙁 But I just got online and found a 20 minute exercise routine and got right to it! I felt so much better afterwards and was ready to continue on with my day. 

Gift card for shoes! Who couldn’t use some new tennis shoes? A good rule of thumb for workout shoes, always replace them after about 500 miles. For some that is every year, for others about every 6 months. Invest into your workout shoes! It will make a HUGE difference in your performance and the way you feel after as well!

Make exercise FUN! Find things you enjoy! The more fun you have the more you will do it! 

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