Tis the Season for exercise, or lack there of. I have to be honest, I find it really  hard to make time for exercise this time of year. #1 it’s getting cold outside, #2 Christmas movies are on TV, #3 all I want to do is shop online and decorate and drink hot chocolate! This is a recipe for disaster.  Don’t let yourself get down this time of year and while I would LOVE to say shopping is exercise, it is not. 🙁 Let’s make a point to stick to our workout routines!!! 

Here are a few things you can do in the morning to get your day started off right and get you all warmed up! 

Drink some water! 

15 jumping jacks ( or modify this, step out to the side and bring your arms up )

15 lunges (alternating legs)

15 crunches

15 push-ups

10 jumping jacks

10 lunges

10 crunches 

10 push-ups

5 jumping jacks

5 lunges

5 crunches

5 push-ups

Followed by stretching and getting more  water in! 🙂 

Take time for yourself every day! 

Get a workout buddy!! Keep your big goals in mind! Healthy is a lifestyle!

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