Ugh, exercise!? It’s the last thing many people want to do, especially with long hours at work, coming to kids, homework…..responsibility. Who really wants to do that?! Well…….I’m here to give you some tips to help get your motivated!!  

For starters, stop thinking of exercise as something awful! It’s not awful!!! In fact it’s wonderful once you get into it! Maybe you won’t ever look forward to exercise but you can learn to appreciate it. We all have that friend that posts about their exercise, that is so excited to go to the gym, that just makes it look so easy! But here’s the deal, for that person they have mastered the act of exercise! They will have days that they don’t want to go to the gym either but because it’s a habit they will make it there.  It takes time and dedication to like exercise! Stop looking at people who exercise like they are taking “crazy pills” (Zoolander….anyone, anyone) ok well anyways….exercise makes everyone feel better and more accomplished! I have never once met someone that told me, oh that was awful, in fact I feel worse because I exercised…..I’ve never heard that! My friend Jan and I work out together on Wednesday and last night she sent me a text saying she doesn’t always want to come but she feels so much better after she has come! WINNING!!!! We have to change our mindsets from, ” I can’t” to I can try! Trying is all we ever ask for. 

Here are some tips to get you loving some exercise! 

#1. Do something you like!!!! I can’ t stress this enough! If you like it you will be more willing to do it! 

#2 Exercise smarter, not harder. Exercise does not need to be anything really strenuous, it just needs to be consistent. Go for a walk around the block or go for a bike ride. anything will do.

#3 Make a playlist! I exercise so much better to music! If there is not a beat it is really hard to stay motivated, at least for me. 

#4 Get a buddy to go with! If you have someone who keeps you accountable it is a lot easier and it’s just more fun than work.

Take it one day at a time! It might not be love the first time but eventually you’ll learn to appreciate how you feel and that will keep you going! 🙂 

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