#1 Getting 10,000 steps in daily is not easy!

#2  It can be done!

Not all of us have jobs to where we can just get up from our desk every 20 minutes. I fortunately can and do but I realize not everyone has that ability.  I set small goals during the day, like by lunch time I want to have gotten 4,000 steps and I generally try to walk during my lunch time. It doesn’t happen all the time but I try to. I also get up at 5:15 a.m. to get a quick workout in. It is really hard for me to be excited about waking up that early but at least I get it out-of-the-way! Now that the weather is nicer we have been out walking the dog a lot more too, which she LOVES!!  This is what works for me, what works for you? How do you get 10k steps in?

Here are some ideas to help improve our steps!

Pace the house when you are home or at a Dr’s office. 

Walk during your kids practices or games, you could just walk up and down the fence or the field

USE the exercise equipment in your house! If you have a treadmill, walk during a television show

Walk the perimeter of the grocery store before you start shopping and maybe again after, the lines will still be there when you get finished

Go for an early morning walk around the neighborhood

Take your dog for a walk

Walk to the park with your kiddo

15 minutes is better than no minutes

Mow the yard

Play tag with your kids or grandchildren

Vacuum more often, we have an inside dog, so vacuuming can always be done at our house

Pace while on the phone

Take a group class

Go to the gym

If you work at a call center get up and take a short lap in between calls

Walk the parking lot during lunch

Go up and down the stairs a few times

Any thing will help you continue on your way to getting 10,000 steps but also to feel better and become healthier! 

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