Let me tell you a story about a girl. This girl (not me….okay, it’s me) loves to be outside. But sadly, the sun does not love her as much as she loves it. Even sunscreen is no match for the hours (and I mean HOURS) spent in the water this weekend. And my punishment is a wicked sunburn. Which means I have been chugging water and powerade zero for the past two days to replenish my parched and dehydrated skin.

Dehydration is terrible. Not only does it make you feel bad, but it can also affect your diet. Last week, one of my patients showed me the coolest water bottle I have ever seen. It is called a Hydracoach.



My patient found this bottle helpful when she was having trouble getting all of her fluids in after surgery. You can program this bottle to do anything! It will tell you what percentage of your total fluids you have reached, it will break down how much you drink per hour, how much your last drink was, etc. Ever since she got the bottle…she is reaching her goal every time!

Pretty cool, right?! So, if you are spending hours in the sun or just not good at tracking your fluids…this gizmo can help make sure you are reaching your goal.

My goal for fluids is 96 oz. What is yours?!  ~Lauren A.