Listen up ladies! We need to tell our inner mean girl to lock it up! We are all beautiful in our own way and we need to acknowledge it!! The past two weekends I have been lucky enough to spend several nights out with my wonderful girl friends! Sometimes you just need some girl time! 🙂 So I was thinking yesterday of what our conversations consisted of and man, we are negative! We all talked about things we would change, talked about low carb diets, losing 10lbs, muscle tone, not being tan enough, wrinkles….etc. The list goes on and on! So it got me thinking, how can we start being more positive about ourselves? Sure there are several things I would change or want to be better but at the end of the day me thinking about it and complaining about it doesn’t make it better. It is one day at a time, one water bottle at a time, one gym session at a time, and just being present in today. We need to start appreciating ourselves and being nicer! I came across this article in Glamour magazine, ” Shocking Body-Image news: 97% of women will be cruel to their bodies today” by Shaun Dreisbach.  I’m sharing it with you in hopes that we can start thinking more positively about ourselves.

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