Welcome to March!!!  Spring is just around the corner!! I’m beyond excited! For me, spring means, sunshine, allergies, yard work, and working out OUTSIDE!!! If you are like me, you are dying to start shopping for new spring workout gear!! I have made a list of a few of my favorite things! Check them out!!

First off, with warmer weather comes more sweating and more sweating can mean more chafing. Yuck and Ouch!!! So to help with this try this amazing product called Body Glide. You can check out their website at www.bodyglide.com. I have also purchased this product at Academy and at running expos. You will LOVE this product!! It is simply amazing and I’m a huge fan of it!



#2, Hydration. We have to stay hydrated while working out outside. Sweating is not a bad thing, but you want to make sure you are keeping your body hydrated! I really like the brand, Fuel Belt. This is a link to one of my favorite products and I have several at home! They wash easily, they stay with me and its super light weight. https://fuelbelt.implus.com/



#3 So this is for the ladies, if we are sweating, it’s a good chance our hair is all over the place as well! Well let me introduce you to Sweaty Bands. www.sweatybands.com. You will LOVE them! So many colors & patterns to choose from. I first discovered this brand in Dallas on a marathon weekend with some girl friends! Yes, we actually take trips to run! 🙂 Even though we were all running at different paces we felt like this made us look like a team so we all purchased one to wear! Now, I was not a headband person until I can across these! I have tried every brand there is and seriously, this is the ONLY headband that will stay on my head! Truly awesome product!!  You can see we all have it on in the picture!

sweaty bands

(Don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you are going to be outside!! 🙂 )

So now we are all free from chafing, we are hydrated and have our hair pulled back, what do you do with your keys, license, phone??

#4 Storage, check out www.flipbelt.com or www.spibelt.com. Both are fantastic! I personally own a spi belt but my friend Blair has the flip belt and she raves about it! Both of these can hold keys, smart phones, license….whatever your need it! I have used mine every time I go running or walking. You could also use either of these if you are traveling! The best thing about it is it does not move, I just clip is around my waist and it stays! The Flip belt is great as well. This link contains a video about what a Flip Belt is. https://flipbelt.com/what-is-flipbelt   you really can’t go wrong with either one!

#5 Clothing, I feel like  new workout gear can boost any mood you are in and motivate you to workout! With warmer weather make sure you are getting clothing that is dri-fit technology! It will help to wick away sweat better than clothing made with cotton. You’ll be so much cooler!

Find activities you like to do! Exercising will come so much easier if you  enjoy doing the activity!  I love getting to workout with my husband or some girlfriends. We can talk the whole time and catch up! Before you know it our workout is over!

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