As many of you know I recently got married! 🙂  So with Valentine’s Day coming up very quickly it got me thinking about how love and weight gain can be related. I’m writing about my own personal experience , I’m a newly wed and we don’t have children.  I’m sure one day when we have kids, I’ll have a perspective change but for now I’m going to talk about how life is now. 😉

 I have a lot of clients who are getting to know themselves again during their weight loss journey and some are even dating for the first time or starting to again. Falling in love can be an exciting time but it can also be really hard to find balance. I met my husband by playing on a kickball league. Yes, there is such a thing! We were on the same team and after 2 months of giving each other the googly eyes we finally had our first date!

Now, before we started dating all I ever worried about was myself and my dog, Claire. I had all the time in the world to workout, and I did. I did bootcamp at 6 a.m. 4-5 times a week and took at least 3 yoga classes a week. It was wonderful! I miss those days! So when we started dating a lot of that took a back seat. I was so tired from staying up till the wee hours of the night talking on the phone and I started missing bootcamp and then we had dinner dates at night so I started missing yoga. These were all choices I made and at the time I was thrilled to do it to spend time with this amazing guy!  But eating out, drinking, not getting enough sleep slowly started to creep into my world and started leading me to bad habits. Do you feel this way sometimes? It’s that new love bug that bites you and we tend to put ourselves second.

Before I knew it I had gained almost 10 pounds, which may not seem like a lot to some people but every person is different. I was really struggling to make time for me. After we got engaged, wedding planning consumed my life, as well as celebrating! 4 months before my wedding, my dress came in and I was so excited to see it because it had fit so perfectly when I tried it on…..well not anymore! I was devastated! I had to have a talk with my guy and tell him how we need to change things up. Luckily he was feeling the same and had gained some weight as well! So we did what we teach people everyday, go back to the basics. Get 96 ounces of water, eat more protein than carbs, get rid of the sugar, start walking 5 days week for 30+ minutes. So I did and after 2 months that dress fit! The wedding day came and went and then hit the holidays! Now we are married and got really comfortable! Weight started coming back again……has this happened to anyone else? It’s that happy weight!!

Sure, lots of people experience this! It is a struggle to still make yourself a priority! So I have some helpful tools to keep new couples on track!  Number one, tell the other person how you feel and what you are not happy with! Chances are if it is important to you then it will be important to them. Number two, start working out together. We make it a point to walk 4-5 nights a week with our dog. We have also started going to bootcamp again. It gives us time to talk about our day and as we exercise we are releasing stress and putting the day behind us. Knowing that we are making healthier choices is wonderful.

We have started cooking more at home, no more eating out, well on occasion. It helps keep us on track and it’s quality time together. We both log our food and we compete against each other every day on whose pie chart looks better! Health competition is always good!  I make more time for yoga because I love it,  and he had learned to make more time for golf. It has to be balanced! Now we are both losing that pesky holiday weight and building better habits together so we can remain happy and healthy. I hope this helps all you new couples out there! Keep your health a priority! Don’t settle for anything less! You’ve worked hard to have this lifestyle! The right person will fit into it! 

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