I am at the age were we are over all the weddings and now it’s the season of babies. I am not ready at all for this season of life but I have a lot of friends and client who are. I hear all about the exhaustion that comes along with having kids and the lack of time in their schedules to even just have 5 minutes to themselves much less exercise. Many people say they don’t workout because their kids have already spent 8-10 hours in the care of others so they feel guilty by taking them to the gym daycare. I get it, I really do! I would feel guilty for this as well. However at some point you have to realize you are important too! Maybe you can work a schedule out with your husbands or grandmas to come give you a break a few times a week or here is a thought,  let’s incorporate those kiddos! Set the example for your kiddos! They watch you every single day, they look to you as the example! Let’s teach them a healthy lifestyle from the start.

You can get a great workout with little kids! I helped a friend do some Target shopping one day and ended up carrying her son, my arms were killing me!!! It was a great little workout! 🙂 (Sometimes you have to find the positive in things) 🙂 So what can we do to help get your workouts in when you have a new baby or little kids at home?  I have used our pinterest board and pinned several stroller workouts for moms or dads. There are also stroller boot camps around certain areas in the city, you just have to find them! 🙂 I found one for the metro area. It seems to be low impact exercise that everyone can do or modify for their fitness level; and how amazing is it to be around other moms/dads trying to get back in shape as well! I know some of the dads gain baby weight as well 🙂   You can also check out this article by ACE, American Council on Exercise

If you are at the kids practices, get out and walk the fields they are practicing on. If you get to a game 30 minutes early, instead of just sitting catching up with the other parents go for a short walk or go help shag balls for the team. Hopefully within another month or so we will have some cooler evenings and maybe you can take some evening walks as a family. It’s all about planning and making things happen! I know some weeks will be harder than others but you can make these small changes! 🙂 I know you can! 


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