Today is the start of a new week and almost a new month! Monday is the best day to set the tone for your week! Go get your workouts in today! 🙂 It will start your week off in a positive direction and you will most likely stick to your workout routine and your diet. 

With the weather starting to get warmer you may want to consider getting up earlier to get your workouts in. I generally do not like waking up earlier than I have to but for the sake of not being miserably hot after work, I’ll get up early.  Another thing to consider is your clothing choices.  A lot of people just throw some pants and a t-shirt on. If they are made of cotton it will make your workout even hotter! Go invest in some Dry-fit clothing. You can get it anywhere, it doesn’t have to be Nike. Wal-Mart and Target have a great variety of dry fit clothing. The technology in these clothes help to wick away sweat and not hold it in like cotton will. The same goes for your socks.  If you have been getting blisters on your feet, it could be your cotton socks, switch to dry it. 


Happy Monday Everyone!! 🙂  

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