On Monday October 28, CNN posted a story titled, ” From Fatman to Ironman”, “Dad loses 135 pounds on his way to the finish line”. These stories will generally catch my eye and I am always curious to see how these individuals lose that amount of weight.  An Ironman is extreme. I personally have NEVER had any desire to do such a race but those who do, more power to ya! Now WeightWise does not encourage the diet nor the extreme exercise routine but we do encourage the drive this man had. It was awesome and just gives you that feeling of, if he can do it, so can I. 


I am always amazed at what our bodies are actually capable of doing. I love  learning more and more about the human body and how we can make it better. I know exercise can be scary. I think it’s more of that unsure feeling than anything else. Last April we put together a relay team for the OKC marathon and when I finished my leg I remember passing the bracelet to Marsha and I saw the excitement but nervous look in her eyes and I just told her she could do it and that she is way stronger than what she thinks! She is so awesome! She finished her 3.2 miles and even jogged some! Sometimes it just takes someone else giving you that little nudge to get you more confident! I hope Weightwise does that for people. Each and every one of you are capable of great things! We just need that little encouragement some days to get there! If you need a little extra motivation this morning check out this story! 

Happy Halloween Everyone! ~ Lauren W. 

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