The holidays are long gone. It’s true. So it’s time…out with the holidays, and in with the resolutions! Losing weight is consistently the most common New Year’s Resolution. So let us help!


Whether you are a postop patient, or just looking to lose a little extra weight, our protein supplements are delicious and great for weightloss. The New Year’s Kit includes 42 protein shakes and 28 protein bars for 15% off retail price! Several different varieties and flavors are included so you can see what you like! Click on this link to visit the New Year’s Kit on the WeightWise Estore. The kit contains:

Peach Mango Fruit Drink

Cranberry Fusion Fruit Drink

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Chicken Bouillon

Hot Cocoa Variety Pack

3 Chocolate Powder in a Bottle

2 Mocha Powder in a Bottle

1 Peach Powder in a Bottle

1 Vanilla Powder in a Bottle

15 Gram Protein Bar Variety Pack (White Box)

Lemon Meringue Bar

Chocolate Decadence Crisp Bar

Caramel Crunch Bar

WeightWise Tote Bag


If you are a WeightWise postop patient, you may have heard of our “Reboot Diet.” An aggressive two week diet to get you back into fat-burning mode and back on track with your diet. The contents of the “New Year Kit”  is exactly enough product to get you through the Reboot Diet. To learn more about the format of the diet- contact or

If you are not familiar with our program, we have everything you need to reach your weight loss goals. Registered Dietitians, Exercise Physiology, Metabolic Testing, Nutritional Supplements, Support and Education, and the list goes on. Visit or call us to discuss more at 405-715-7122

Here’s to a New Year AND a New YOU!