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Have any of you been down to the Oklahoma City River Parks lately? There is so much fun stuff to do!! I know you have heard me say it before but fitness needs to be FUN! If you can find something you enjoy that is half the battle! I promise!!! I got to go experience the River Parks first hand this weekend. It was a blast! I would suggest the white water rafting for post op exercise. It was very fun but it was work for sure! The rafting was about 30-40 minutes, you go down 3 different times. They also have tubing at different times too. At one point during the rafting I thought I wish I would have done the tubing instead!

So what all different types of activities are there? Well here is the list and most have a max weight so 250-300, just depending on the activity.

White Water Rafting



Adventure Course

Zip Lines

Climbing Wall

Standing Paddle Board

A day pass is $49 per person and an annual pass is $179.

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