Tree in Oklahoma City WeightWise


It is finally here!! Congratulations to those who are going to participate in any of the events. We have our own WeightWise team running the relay. The Memorial marathon is a great experience even for those who are not going to be participating. The run usually consists of about 25,000 runner/walkers. It is an unbelievable site and you really feel great energy even from just watching it! Great motivation for next year!!! 😉

I’ll be out there cheering on two great friends of mine when they run their first half marathon and then I’ll head over to my relay check point! I’m very excited to cheer everyone on!! Our patient advocate Jamie will be cheering on her brother  as he will be running his first full marathon. Our MA, Nohemi will be running her first half marathon!! We have two patients who are helping us out on the relay!!  If you are not busy this Sunday morning it is worth getting up early to see the site of all these runners. I’ve ran in this run for the past 7 years now and it is always really encouraging to have people cheering for you. Sometimes that race can get a little lonely and you just need someone to say, “your almost there, keep up the great work!!” It gives you that extra boost!! The race will start at 6:30 and the 5k walk I believe starts at 7. You won’t want to miss it!

Good luck to anyone doing it!!