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Hello again! Christmas has come and gone and now it’s time to get back on track! With the weather being so unpredictable it’s hard to plan exercise outside. I have talked to several of you about online workouts if a gym is not convenient. There are so many websites out there that offer subscriptions and there are even more that off FREE exercise videos.

One of my personal favorites is “Walking away the pounds”. Leslie’s website has all of her videos on there. www.walkathome.com

So if you are looking for fun low impact exercise I would check her website out!

Another video series I really like is  “Sit and Be Fit”. I think a lot of the time we really think exercise needs to be hard in order to get results, but that is not true. Consistency is the biggest key! So whether or not you can run 10 miles or not we still have to be consistent in whatever we do. Do what you can today and we’ll worry about tomorrow later.

Another video series I would keep an eye out for is anything Denise Austin. She has a lot of different videos from dance cardio, strength to yoga.

So don’t think because you don’t have gym membership or a treadmill at home that all hope is lost! There are so many options for you. Just google low impact exercise and you’ll find so much stuff to do during this winter!

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