Hey everyone! I have had several clients within the past few weeks talk about wanting to incorporate some toning exercises. I treat each client as an individual so some of you I may have given the green light to start some toning while others we may have talked about waiting just a tad bit longer. Some of my favorite workouts are things that I can do from home while watching television or doing a quick little video. I have really noticed more women talking about wanting to tone inner and outer thighs as well as glutes and abdominal muscles. I wanted to share with you this FREE workout video that I have come across by You can find the video by using the link below. I love pilates because it is low impact and you can do it from home.  Pilates is great for core strength & stability. For many people with low back pain it can help prevent and also help to treat back pain by increasing our flexibility and posture! Plus you will see amazing results when sticking to it!

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