pool workouts

Summer time is officially here!! If you are looking for some great exercises to do in the pool, look no further! Pools are wonderful, especially if you have joint pain. Working out in water takes pressure off of your joints and makes it a lot easier to move around. Try this circuit next time you are at the pool. 

  • water walking 5 minutes
  • Frankenstein Walk: Stand with your feet shoulders width apart and lift your left leg straight out and reach over with your right arm and touch your leg. Repeat with the other leg and arm. Do this for 2 minutes
  • Heels to bottom: Stand shoulder width apart and bring each heel back like you would to do a quadricep stretch. Do this for 2 minutes, alternating each leg
  • Flutter Kicks: Hold on to the side of the pool and kick you feet back behind you. You could also use a kick board if you have one but remember to keep your stomach tight. 2 minutes
  • High Knee’s: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and bring in each knee to your chest and repeat with the other leg. 2 minutes
  • Cross Country Ski: Standing with your right foot forward and your left foot back jump and switch. Repeat with the other leg. 2 minutes
  • Arm Circles: Stand with your arms extended out to your side. Circle your arms forward for 1 minute and then backwards for 1 minutes. 
  • Jumping Jacks in deep water or at least chest height. 

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