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Fall is here finally!!! Although, I have been burning a pumpkin candle for the past two months  and actually had to buy another one! 🙂 I LOVE fall! The crisp air, football season, mums and pumpkins everywhere!!!! Not to mention our new Quest Pumpkin bar (see below)! If you haven’t tried it you totally should! So I got to thinking about this time of year……it’s hard because the weather changes, gets a little cooler out and allergies happen and also the time change! So how do we go about getting our exercise in after a long day? I use this website all the time because I can always find a great quick workout on days when it’s hard to fit it in. The website is www.popsugar.com/fitness. Today I’m going to be a little short on time so I was looking through some of the workouts and found a fun work out to do! Plus it has pumpkins in it!

 “It’s spooky how great this pumpkin workout is” by Anna Renderer.  


You can modify with a smaller pumpkin of course, sometimes those big pumpkins can get really heavy! 


On the double push up, you can drop to your knees or use a wall without the pumpkin. 

Any time you do squats remember we want our weight in our heels, lift your toes in your shoes. 

The sumo squat….make sure you knees are over your ankles other wise you are placing a lot of pressure in the knee-joint 

If the pumpkin Quest bar caught your attention you can order here! 


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