red coyote

Have you ever wondered if there is a “perfect shoe” for you or what is the importance of  the perfect fit? Well come to the WeightWise support group on Monday January 27 @ 6 to hear Katie Kramer from the Red Coyote Runner talk about the importance of the perfect shoe!! 

My first half marathon I ever ran was terrible! I had shin splints, blisters, my knees hurt and my back was killing me for days after. I was telling my uncles about this, who are both big runners, and they said it was probably my shoes and I needed to go have an expert fit me. I truly thought shoes shouldn’t matter, but oh they did. I was educated on how my foot struck the ground and what size I actually needed in my shoes, turns out they were to small. I was introduced to  Asics and I really began to love running! No more shin splints, no more blisters and my knee pain has decreased quite a bit.

So if you are really wanting to enjoy fitness without foot pain please come hear about why shoes are so important! 

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