It’s that time of the year again…the State Fair is coming to town! This is a “throwback” blog from this time last year featuring tips to navigate the state fair while sticking to smart choices. Hopefully the tiny horse will make an appearance again this year!

Considering the foods listed on the Oklahoma State Fair website includes sections entitled…

“All Things Potato”

“Deep-Fried Savory”

“Chocolate Covered”

“Deep Fried Sweets”

and of course…

“Fried Dough”

… I believe it is safe to say the Fair can be a tricky place to maintain diet compliance.  So how can you enjoy all the Fair has to offer without sacrificing your weight loss??

Well first, focus on walking around and getting in a lot of movement during your visit. You may even wear a pedometer to see just how many steps you were able to rack up between visits to the Barnyard Birthing Center and the World’s Smallest Horse.

Keep a water bottle with you and be sure to stay hydrated. This is also an important trick when it comes to resisting food temptations. When you and the family have worked up an appetite, have a game plan when you approach all the food tents. It’s okay to be creative and find foods you know are within limits, as well as full of fair fun!

Check out the State Fair website and look over the food options. Know what you might choose before you get there so you do not become de-railed. Some options I noticed included: chicken ka-bobs, turkey leg, burger (no bun..and more importantly…no donuts!), barbeque meats, turkey jerky, taco salad, greek salad, grilled pork on a stick, and my personal favorite, “ice cold giant pickle on a stick.”

It is still possible to enjoy the annual Oklahoma State Fair AND remain diet compliant. I mean, did you catch the part about the World’s Smallest Horse?! Have fun!!