Do you have a crazy week ahead of you and just can’t quite figure out how to fit exercise in? Welcome to the club! Most people in this situation would just not get the exercise in which would then turn into a week without exercise then on to months without exercise. So what are some quick workouts we can do?

Take the stairs

Park on the very back row of the parking lot

Go walk/jog/ride around the block

Push-ups at the kitchen counter

Vacuum the house, switching arms half way through

Jumping Jacks

Jog in place

Lunges alternating legs

Squats, don’t forget to put weight in the heels

“Walking away the pounds” (you tube)

Pinterest a quick workout

Step side to side

High knees


or just simply stretch it out

You can always find time for a quick little something! I promise if you make the time you’ll be so thankful you did!

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