You hear us talk about stretching at each appointment. So what is the big deal? Why is it so important to stretch? Well for starters it makes us all feel better 🙂 Flexibility is something we need to add to our daily life. The more we practice flexibility the better it gets and we start to notice changes in our bodies. All of the sudden something doesn’t hurt as much or our posture gets better. Stretching actually creates better posture and is beneficial for our over all well-being. 


We encourage to stretch after exercise because muscles have been worked and are warm. We are physically able to stretch better after exercise rather than before. I encourage every person to hold each stretch anywhere from 10-30 seconds. NOTHING should be painful, it should feel like a nice and maybe a little bit challenging. With every inhale and exhale we will get more comfortable in the stretch and are able to stretch a little further. 

I have attached a video of myself going through the stretches that we give each patient. Check it out! 😉 



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