I think we have all had moments where we have our gym bag packed , lunches are made, every thing is taken care of so that in the morning all you have to do is just get up and put your gym clothes on and go. Well……then the alarm goes off! Ugh just another 5 minutes…..5 minutes turns into 10 minutes and then into 20 minutes and now  you can’t make it to the gym for your 45 minute work out, so why bother going at all. Anyone?

I’ll be honest, I had that moment this morning!  My plan was just to go walk. I thought, I’ll get up and walk in the morning and then I’ll take my class tonight. Well that didn’t happen, so now I’m going to have to spend some of my lunch hour getting it in. I feel like I betrayed myself.  Like, how could you just not get up?! All these negative thoughts started going through my head! I had to tell them to go away and not ruin my day! I know I should have got up and just went to the gym because my workout would already be over and I wouldn’t be here typing out this long blog feeling guilty. 🙂 

So how are we going to make sure this doesn’t happen again? 

I can set my alarm on the other side of the room so that I have to get up when it goes off. Then I’m already up! I could also try getting a friend to meet me there. If I have to physically meet someone somewhere, I’m 100% there!  The best one for me is to just remind myself why you go to the gym in the first place! To get and stay healthy! 30 minutes a day is 2% of our day!!! I read that somewhere! 🙂 So no excuses, just choices! I’m going to go jump on the treadmill now! 🙂 

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