One holiday down, one more to go! WE can do this guys! Thanksgiving may have been a little rough but each day is a new day! Get back on track! Each day try to find something to focus on, whether it’s getting your exercise in or your water in or just simply meal prepping. What ever it is focus on that and get back on track!

One thing my family really focuses on is getting our exercise in! When I got up this morning it was 30 outside! Sooooo I lost a LOT of motivation to go walk the dog but I plan to take her tonight when I get home when it’s a bit warmer, hopefully! I feel like the mornings are the best time to get in your exercise only because it’s the least distracting time of the day! Make commitments with friends/family to get out and exercise! Keep it fun!!

Here is a quick circuit you could do on those really cold & rainy days this weekend!

10 jumping jack

9 air squats

8 jumping jacks

7 mountain climbers

6 jumping jacks

5 push ups

4 jumping jacks

3 crunches

2 jumping jacks

1-30 second plank

stretch after or repeat




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