It is almost that time of year again! The pools will be opening soon!!! I personally can not wait! I love getting some sun and getting exercise in all at the same time. Plus, water doesn’t seem like exercise to me! It’s fun to be in the pool! It is something the whole family can enjoy! 

Why should you choose water for exercise? Well #1 it is so much easier on your joints. I helps build strength and coordination.  With swimming, you not only have fun but you improve your flexibility, heart health and lung capacity. Swimmers are amazing athletes. 

So how do you exercise in a pool? Well you can swim laps, water walk, aerobics, aqua zumba, or just play  sharks and minnows with the kids! Any movement in the water is good movement and once you are finished, then you can enjoy that fabulous raft and relax for a little bit.  So what equipment would you need to exercise with in a pool. Well you could get a set of foam water dumbbells, or take some empty milk gallon jugs and fill them with water. You could get some water ankle weights to add some resistance if you are planning to walk. I use to love getting kick boards out and just kicking up and down the pool. A new thing I have noticed lately is that people are using swimming masks and snorkels. For individuals that can’t quite get the routine of breathing to the side, then this may be for you. You can swim your laps and still be able to breathe the whole time! What about music? Well now they have water proof MP3 players. You can listen to music as you swim! That sounds amazing to me!  

Some of my favorite products that I always have in my swim bag are, dry n clear ear drying aid! I always end up with water in my ear and this gets it every time! I was a swimmer for 8 years and never once got swimmers ear! I also always have L’oreal kids 2-1 shampoo with me! It is really easy for our hair to dry out after swimming a lot. The chlorine can really harm our hair. I have also tried Ultra swim shampoo & conditioner and really like them as well! Also make sure if you are swimming outside you apply the appropriate amount of sunscreen and reapply once you get out of the water! 

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